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Here’s What Swami Beyondananda is saying:


“In his book, Journey of The Great Circle, Oman brings forth “pearls” of wisdom - and has strung those pearls together in a compelling narrative and practice.  Bottom line:  If you find yourself going around in circles in life, go around THIS circle, and you will spiral to a higher and brighter view.”            `                      

                             — Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda, “cosmic comic” and co-author with                      Bruce Lipton of Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here. 

                               INTRODUCTION – POLISHING THE DIAMOND


Imagine walking through an art museum that displays many exquisite masterpieces of paintings and sculpture. Now visualize that it’s late at night when all of the lights are turned off - and every room is completely dark. In this moment you would not be able to see anything in the museum. All of the magnificent works of art would be right in front of you, but without any light to illuminate them, you couldn’t enjoy them.


Now imagine that you light a match. The sudden light from the match would allow you to get a glimpse of some of the artistic majesty around you. Yet if you turned on a strong flashlight, it would provide even more illumination for you to enjoy a bigger spectrum of the art collection. And, of course, if the main lights in the museum were suddenly turned on, you would be able to appreciate the total experience of beauty and grace from all the masterpieces around you.


Certainly before the overhead lights were turned on, the art and sculpture were right there close to you the entire time, but were veiled and hidden in the dark. But with the aid of the light, you were able to observe what was always present.


Similar to the lit match, the flashlight, or the main lights in the museum, ever-greater spiritual awareness (ever-larger perspectives of what our life is truly about and what really matters) is like a powerful light that comes into “the mansion of our heart and mind” to illuminate the reality we perceive. More expansive perspectives of reality transform “the darkness of our mind”, so we can easily see the truth, goodness, and beauty that is always there. What is always present within us, and what the Essence of Life yearns for us to fully experience, is the radiant magnificence of who we really are. We are constantly being invited by Life to rediscover our ever-present magnificence - by turning on the light of our conscious awareness.


Every one of us is a living masterpiece that is ever-evolving, a creative work in progress. Our life is the outer creative expression of our inner development. We are continually learning to unveil the exquisite beauty and majesty of who we truly are. Each day we fashion the blank canvas of our life to create the next version of our masterpiece. Every day we’re embarked on a journey of learning to artfully live our lives in a way that expresses the natural states of peace, happiness, joy, and harmony.

Remember that you already are, and have always been, a supremely gifted artist of life. There is no one else who can create the exquisite masterpieces which only you can create. So while you enjoy your daily practice as you read and contemplate each day’s theme within this book of narratives, you are practicing the art of life. And remember that your daily practice is not only for your personal benefit. We are all intimately connected as one global family as we ascend the infinite ladder of awareness. Our daily practice benefits all the men, women, children, and myriad creatures of the world. Practice well.

                                                                                  September 4

                                     CONSCIOUS SPIRITUAL PARTNERSHIP

           Today I honor and celebrate the holiness and magnificence within every person in my life.


In the seventeenth century, alchemists attempted to discover the arcane mysteries of life

            By using a mortal and pestle to blend certain obscure materials into novel compounds

                        And then placed their prepared substances in a clay container called a crucible

                                    Where the mixture was heated with great hope to reveal something new.


If we agree that the purpose of life is to develop our creative potential, expand our awareness,

            And learn to love others more fully - so we may consciously live a life of inner freedom,

                        Then one dynamic arena that can serve this goal is the crucible of relationships.


Our relationships present us with opportunities to deepen our awareness of what really matters

            By together forming “a vessel of the heart” where we blend our beliefs and perspectives

                        While examining and re-evaluating (if necessary) what we believe to be true.


In relationships (especially our primary intimate relationship) we encounter various situations

            In which we’re given the chance to cultivate a greater vision of our Fully Awakened Self

                        By acting as mirrors for one another so we may consciously refine our awareness

                                    And transform any unhealthy or loveless aspects that impede our growth.


Within the shared covenant of spiritual partnership there is a sacred agreement

            That we will do our best to keep our heart open, aid one another’s spiritual unfolding,

                        And use the mutual resources and creativity within the relationship

                                    To offer our unique gifts and talents toward contributing to a better world.


If we desire to cultivate a conscious spiritual partnership, we can choose to practice each day

            A series of transformative exercises that support the healthy growth of our relationship.


First, we honor and celebrate the holiness in each other - and give our sacred alliance

            To the Presence of Love so our union more easily benefits one another and the world.


We use this awareness practice of seeing the holiness within our closest intimate partner

            As a way to practice seeing and honoring the magnificence within each person in our life.


It is also important to cultivate honest, empowering, and integrous communication,

            For communication is like the electric current flowing through the walls of our home

                        Without which we can’t turn on “the light of awareness that removes the dark”.


Furthermore, it’s essential to be present for, and emotionally available to, one another

            And to use any challenge that may arise as an opportunity to grow ever deeper in love.


And it’s vital to regularly be in service to one another - and share daily expressions of love,

            Which can be likened to nurturing a flower garden with a bounty of water and nutrients,

                        For when a garden is nourished, it prospers - and when it's not, it withers.


Developing a conscious spiritual partnership is like being alchemists - in which we both decide

            To mix into “the hallowed living crucible of our spiritual awareness” a solid commitment

                        To exalt one another with the promise - “our enduring love is what truly matters”.

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 9.02.36 AM.png

                                                                                     January 21st

                                           MASTER OF FREEDOM

                    It is the destiny of all people, and thus my destiny as well, to live an awakened life.


It is the destiny of a baby bird to hatch from the protective shield of an egg,

            Gain strength from the nourishing food provided by the parent birds,

                        And eventually leap courageously from its nest to soar high above the trees.


It is the destiny of a caterpillar larva to grow - and reach its full expression

            So it can, one day, crawl to the place on a tree or rock where it will form its cocoon

                        And be transformed into a butterfly to take wing through the skies.


It is also the destiny of every one of us to respond to our natural inner yearning

            To cultivate a higher awareness that will correct any unloving beliefs we have

                        So we may transform our unconscious habits, prevail over self-imposed fears,

                                    Free ourselves from suffering, and ultimately awaken to who we really are.


The Intelligent Force of Life that animates all people with this powerful innate longing

            Is constantly inviting us to expand our awareness of what is true,

                        Cultivate our greatness, express our creativity, and embrace our limitless nature.


In order to consciously transform our personal lives from a life of suffering and self-limitation

            To a life in which we experience inner freedom and peace of mind,

                        We must boldly act on this invitation by participating in a journey of discovery.


It is our journey of awakening - where we inwardly align our awareness with the Source of Life

            As we outwardly share our unique creative gifts and talents

                        In ways that contribute to a better, more enlightened world.


It is accepting that our life is unfolding perfectly just as it is,

            Living in the present moment, and being aware of our Oneness with all of life.  


Our awakening journey is also about constantly expanding our awareness,

            Developing our unlimited potential, and awakening to our True Eternal Nature.


This is our journey of life mastery as we learn to compassionately serve the wellbeing of others

            And love the people in our life unconditionally.


This spiritual quest can be thought of as a sacred divine marriage, for it is the hallowed union

            Of the Servant of Love within us completely integrated with Limitless Love.


It is the cultivation of our Compassionate Heart fully merged with Infinite Presence,

            And this sublime union can be expressed in our daily life as a Master of Freedom.


The archetype of the Master of Freedom can also be described as our Fully Awakened Self,

            Which is our awakened awareness of inner freedom and loving all of life unconditionally.


It is our destiny to embody our Awakened Self, to jump from “the nest of limitation and fear”,

            To benevolently transform ourselves within “the cocoon of the Infinite Power of Love”,

                        And to leap confidently into “the unlimited skies of awakened living” that await us.

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