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Themes and Metaphors of Summer



What Is – Journey of The Great Circle


Preface – The Genesis


Introduction – Polishing The Diamond

Poem: You Are A Diamond


How To Benefit From This Book



Daily Contemplation Practices

I - The Dance of the Infinite Seasons


June 20       Gifts of Summer 

June 21       Qualities Within the Seasons of Life 

June 22       The Great Story of Awakening

June 23       Journey of Awakening


June 24       Cultivating the Mastery of Being  and Becoming 


June 25       Inner Freedom


June 26       The Integral Stage of Consciousness

June 27       Aligning With the True Self 



II - The Poetry of The Great Circle


June 28       The Great Circle


June 29       The Great Circle of Awakening and Contribution


June 30       The Great Circle of the Medicine Wheel

July 1            Alternative Ways to Describe The Great Circle

July 2            Being and Becoming


July 3            God


July 4            God as “The Beloved”


III - Heart Awareness Practices


July 5            Foundational Transformative Practices 


July 6            Spheres of Appreciation

July 7            Service


IV - The Song of Embodied Love


July 8            The Natural States That Emerge From Being


July 9            The Natural State of Joy

July 10          Pillars of Awakening


July 11          Surrender 

July 12          Trust


July 13          Embracing the Unknown


July 14          Black Hole


July 15          Forgiveness


V - Heart Awareness Practices


July 16         Prayers for the “Demons”


July 17         Wellbeing of the Heart


July 18          Shadow Work


VI - Archetypes of Life Mastery


July 19         Religious Archetypes


July 20         The Great Circle of the Archetypes


July 21          Archetypes of Life Mastery 

July 22          Mystical Lover

July 23          Kindness


July 24          Authenticity


July 25          Humility 


July 26          Flexibility


VII - Heart Awareness Practices

July 27         Passion For Life


July 28         Heart Awareness


July 29         Cultivating the Miraculous


VIII - Archetypes of Higher Knowledge


July 30         The Gifts of Pain


July 31         Extraordinary Moments of Awareness


August 1     Experiences of Epiphany


August 2     Archetypes of Higher Knowledge


August 3     Awakened Artist


August 4     The Natural Impulse of Creativity


August 5      Beauty


IX - Heart Awareness Practices


August 6      Awakening the Inner Artist

August 7      Cultivating an Open Heart


August 8      Affirmations for Primary Emotional Needs


X - The Evolutionary Perspective


August 9        Gifts From An Evolutionary Perspective

August 10      Evolution of Compassion


August 11      Fractal Nature of Emergent Evolution


August 12       Evolution of Conscious Creativity


August 13       Evolution of Good and Evil


August 14       Evolution of Morality

August 15       Evolution of Judgment


August 16       Cultivating Heart Wisdom



XI - Archetypes of Spiritual Awakening


August 17       Archetypes of Spiritual Awakening


August 18       Compassionate Heart


August 19       The Intrinsic Nature To Care


August 20        Compassion


August 21        Empathy

August 22        Generosity

August 23         Various Forms of  Archetypes of Spiritual Awakening



XII - Heart Awareness Practices


August 24         Nurturing the Feminine Nature

August 25         Nurturing the Masculine Nature


August 26         Paradox Surrender Prayer



XIII - Archetypes of Conscious Contribution


August 27          Spheres of Contribution


August 28          Contribution to Community


August 29          Archetypes of Conscious Contribution


August 30          Visionary Storyteller


August 31          Celebration


September 1      Inspiration

September 2      Hope

September 3      “The Universe Story”


XIV - Heart Awareness Practices


September 4      Conscious Spiritual Partnership


September 5      Intimacy


September 6      Sacred Sexuality


XV - Navigating the Journey of The Great Circle


September 7       The Great Circle of a Conscious and Balanced Life


September 8       An Awakened Life

September 9       The Quest for Inner Freedom


September 10     Purpose of Life


September 11     Meaning of Life

September 12     One’s Mission in Life

September 13      One’s True Nature 



XVI - The Art of Transformation and Healing


September 14       The Great Circle of Development and Transformation


September 15       Outer Healing Mirrors Inner Development


September 16        A Balanced Approach to Healing


September 17        Dimensions of Reality


September 18        Quantum Realm

September 19        Miracles


September 20        Foundations for Emergent Healing



XVII - Conclusion – Sacred Destiny


September 21        Balance



The Great Circle Mantra


Poem: The Diver



The Story of Awakening Within the First Narratives


The Dance, Poetry, and Song of the Front Cover Art





About the Author


Daily Affirmations of Intention for Summer


With the poetry of a passionate artist - and the perspectives of an intuitive scientist, Oman Ken has written a visionary book. Utilizing his unique system of daily practices, he lays out the vision and pathway for a more peaceful and compassionate world.

                         --- Reverend Max Lafser, Unity minister and former                                     chairman of The Center For International Dialogue

The dates for each narrative are useful pointers for a disciplined daily approach to these transformative practices, yet the narratives can be read starting from the beginning at any time. What's important is the daily practice of anchoring into the heart what truly matters.

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