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About the Author

Oman Ken has spent his entire life as a multi-instrumentalist and singer. He lives in a house filled with exotic instruments from around the world, and professionally has focused his musical presentations on the harp, guitar, piano, Native American and ethnic flutes, as well as the gift of his voice.


He has performed hundreds of concerts and celebrations across the United States for twenty years while creating 15 professional recordings of his original vocal and instrumental music.


Oman has also composed three Ritual Theater musicals which he directed and produced in Hawaii, entitled “Genesis: A Ritual of Transformation”, “Starwheel: Journey of the Sacred Circle”, and “The Mask and the Sword”.


Furthermore, he has produced myriad multi-media Solstice and Equinox performances with a cast of 25 people in Houston, Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Oman has presented his transformational workshops of “Enhancing Your Creativity”, “Dance Movement as Spiritual Practice”, and “The Power Within the Archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover” in various spiritual conferences and retreats around the United States.


After a challenging physical condition made it unfeasible to continue his musical travels, Oman  deepened the spiritual search of his quest for inner freedom by spending an abundance of time in Nature contemplating what life is truly about - and what really matters.


The result of his personal investigations was a host of written contemplative narratives that became the foundation for this book Journey of The Great Circle.


Oman now lives in the majestic Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

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