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Oman can play for your event

"Your harp playing was magical and was just what we were looking for. Thanks."

~Mike & Ann

wedding couple

Harp   -   Guitar   -   Native American Flutes


Oman plays both traditional and contemporary 36-string harp. As well as offering a lush romantic style for wedding ceremonies, he is able to add a percussive rhythmic flare that is unique and innovative. The sound of his harp can be transformed into a lyrical piano,

a Spanish guitar, or a Japanese koto. Oman will turn your event into a magical experience.


Oman has been playing the guitar for 40 years. He has brought joy and inspiration through his concerts of original music all across America. Oman plays a wide variety of pop standards, classical, Spanish, and original songs. Years of musical experience express his unique creativity through the strings of the guitar.

Native American Flutes

Oman is a master of Native American flutes and various ethnic flutes from around the world. He has been performing with his extensive flute collection for over 30 years. Whether his music is exhilarating or deeply relaxing, it always expresses the magic of the great southwest. Sensitivity is a key ingredient in his musical presentation.

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